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    Food United supports The Wilderness Society

    Christmas 2020 is all about giving and we're so excited to be supporting the Wilderness Society with $1 from every product sold.

    About the Wilderness Society:

    A healthy environment means healthy people & communities. The Wilderness Society is a community led environmental advocacy group who are focused on getting the voices of the community heard by government and corporations, to protect and restore Australia's natural places. The Wilderness Society speak up for the voiceless flora and fauna that call Australia home.

    Woman walking in Australian Bush

    Image credit: The Wilderness Society

    One of the biggest threats to humans and wildlife alike is deforestation.

    As the only developed country with a deforestation front, it's no surprise Australia’s mammal extinction rates are the highest in the world. Even iconic native species, like the koala, platypus and the greater glider, are on the road to extinction. In the last 20 years, Queensland’s koala population has declined by over 40%, and in New South Wales, 99% of koala habitat on private land is not protected from clearing.

    With support and donations from everyday Australians, the Wilderness Society is advocating for new laws that support the ecosystems our lives depend on, and is undertaking research to blow the lid off this hidden deforestation crisis. By protecting and regenerating our forests, not only do we help our native animals, but we make our soils, wildlife and landscapes more resilient to climate change. We can even reverse our carbon emissions in the process. That’s life support in action!

     To become a member or make a donation, visit The Wilderness Society.