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    Healthy Summer Treats for Kids

    Summer is here, and the kids will all be on our hands. 

    I would like to share my kids' favourite summer treats with you, as they can cool the jumping monkeys down, while the heat is up.

    Healthy Summer Treats for Kids:

    1. Cold-pressed Juice or smoothie with flowers or herbs

    Use coconut water and fruit of your choice to make the juice in a processor, blended with ice cubes, mint, or protein powder. Decorate with edible flowers, mint or basil leaves.

    1. Frozen Juice as Ice blocks

    Use food processor to blend coconut water and fruit of your choice, freeze in a heart-shaped or animal-shaped mould, you can add berries or edible flowers inside the ice block to make it pretty.

    1. Freeze fruits, such as watermelon, grape, berries. They can be eaten whole or put into juice or water.

    Cut up some watermelon, pineapple or rock melon into small pieces, put them into the ice cube or ice block mould, can add some coconut water as well. For grapes or berries, simply wash them carefully and dry them, put into a container before storing in the freezer.

    1. Use frozen fruits for blending with yoghurt and add some honey or agave syrup.

    Frozen banana or berries are good for this treat. It will add the flavor to natural or Greek yoghurt. Ripe bananas should be sweet enough, so no need to add honey. Drink it straight away or freeze for 1-2 hours to make it more like an ice cream.

    1. Blend Bush Bites into a smoothie to add protein, seeds and nuts, make it more nutritious for little bodies and brains.

    When you use the food processor to make smoothie, just remember to add one of your favourite Bush Bites, that will add good nutrients into the smoothie, such as protein, omegas and fibre.