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    Kangaroos are the world’s largest marsupials. A Red Kangaroo can weigh 90kg and can grow two metres tall. All kangaroos have short hair, powerful hind legs, small forelimbs, big feet and a long tail. They have excellent hearing and keen eyesight. Depending on the species, their fur coat can be red, grey or light to dark brown. Kangaroos are famous for their means of locomotion: hopping! They can reach speeds of 60kph, clearing more than 8m with a single hop!

    Kangaroos can swim, but they can’t move backwards. It's for this reason that the Australian coat of arms features the emu and the kangaroo: two animals that can only move forwards as symbols of national progress.

    Different species of kangaroos have different diets, although all are strict herbivores. They usually spending the hot days resting in shade, and the cool evenings, nights and mornings moving about and feeding.

    Kangaroo is among the most famous Australian symbols. Australia's national airline, Qantas, uses a bounding kangaroo for its logo. And it’s also featured in many books, television series, and aboriginal arts.

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