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    Dietitians Love our Healthy and Natural Snacks

    Bush Bites are officially backed by Dietitians, The Biting Truth!

    We are very excited to officially have accredited dietitians on board of Food United. Let us introduce you to Anna and Alex, the smiling duo behind The Biting Truth. As Australian Accredited Practicing Dietitians, they have worked hard to earn these credentials and continue to keep up to date with the latest nutrition science. You can be certain that the information they provide is credible and 100% backed by science. 

    On a typical day, you’ll find them delivering nutrition programs to their corporate clients or working with schools and childcare centres to ensure nutrition is a top priority.  

    We’ve known each other for quite a while and Anna & Alex have been backing us since the day we started Food United and created Bush Bites. Both, The Biting Truth and Food United, are focused on nutrition and we share the belief that a plant-based or plant-forward lifestyle is not only good for our overall health, but also reduces harm to the environment.

    Anna & Alex love healthy snacks and their favourite Bush Bites flavour is the Cacao Coconut Protein Bite, claiming it tastes like a healthy brownie. We certainly can’t blame them!

    Have a look at what they say about Food United and our Bush Bites:


    Instagram: @thebitingtruth