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    Why is a Plant-Based Lifestyle Animal Friendly and Earth Friendly?

     Why is a Plant-Based Lifestyle Animal Friendly and Earth Friendly?


    The saying We are what we eat, althoughfirst said centuries ago by a French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, is still relevant for today’s life.  As many of us mayagree that the type of food we eat takes up a huge part ofour lives. Of course, convenience and taste are important to us in terms of food selection, we should not  forget nutrition and wholesomeness. Good food is the source ofpositive energy to ourbodies, and we use that energy to enjoy life in a sunnier way.


     But how does personal food preference impact animals and the eco-system?


    Some people tend to avoid certain types of animal products, because ofvividsights ofanimal slaughtering.  After actually sighting and hearing thesufferingof the animals or the stiff dead bodies of the killed, these peoplenormally try to avoid even seeing specific animals, not to mention having them as food. Whilst,many othersdon’t relate meat to dead animal flesh and have no issues eating this type of protein in their meals..


    From the perspective of personal dietary habits, there is not a right or wrong answer. However, in respect of the sustainable health of planet earth and animals generally as “human’s friends ”, thereshould beone..


    Since human commenced conventional farming, we raise animals and kill them for food. Animals raised for husbandry purposes are called “live stock” andmost of them are not living in great conditions beforebeing slaughtered. They end up onour plates with growth hormones, antibiotics, weak bodies, mad minds, and a broken soul. Many of themare not as healthy as we may think they are, unless they've been raised in aharmonious environment and finished humanely.


    Most of the time, it’s not because we humans don’t care, it’s because we don’t know. We are tempted by the commercials and we’ve gone too far from nature's intentions for us. People who claim that animals don't have feelingsor sufferprobably should revisit their sense of sympathy.


    So if you want to help the planet and the animals, try a plant based snack every once in a while instead of a meat based product. A little change, goes a long way.


    Dr. Dana Hunnes (PhD, MPH, RD) said in one of her articles: "Eating a plant-based diet is not just good for our health; it is good for Earth’s health.  In fact, “Shifting away from animal-based foods [could not only] add up to 49% to the global food supply without expanding croplands;” but would also significantly reduce carbon emissions and waste that ends up in our oceans and intomarine life that is then seafood for us(Jalava et al, 2014).


    A plant-based eating habit affects the environment as well. Studies have shown that in orderto produce the same amount of protein, raising of livestock consumes up to six times as much water as that used forsoybeans or lentils. Through the rapid growth of the meat manufacturing industry, the total livestock industry has accounted for 26% of the earth’s land area. The demand for feed has also caused the forest to be gradually invaded. Livestock industries use up to 1 billion tons of grain each year, that's enough food for 3.5 billion people until 2050!


    Apart from that, plant-based lifestyle helps relieve the climate change. According to statistics, the process of producing a steak will produce 330 grams of carbon (equivalent to the carbon produced by driving 4.8 kilometres), while a similar portion of vegetables has a carbon emission of only 14 grams, considering thedifference of almost 24 times.


    Not only livestock farming is environmentally unfriendly, industrial fishery is also damaging the ecology and habitat of marine life. Fisherman capture other sea creatures simultaneously with the species they are going after. The harm has beendone already, and we need to conserve the ocean resources, not deploy them.


    If statistics do not speak enough about the impact of human eating habits on theenvironment ,these documentariesdo.  WatchThe Game Changers , Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, and Earthlings. they may changeyourperspective towards plant-based lifestyle and eating habits.


    The key benefits of plant-based diet is not onlyreducing the intake of harmful residues from animal products, but saving resources such asfood and water from animal raising andmeat production, and alsocutting emissions into theatmosphere, which is alsoknown asamaincontributor to climate change.


    We want you! Please join Food United and become aforce of change. To be happy and healthy, we need to consider the earth’s ecosystem holistically. Food United is well-beingconscious, animal and earth friendly.


    We care, we share and we become one. Let the food be the medicine, to heal the world and make it a better place.

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