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    At Food United, we believe wholesome, plant-based food isn't only good for your health & happiness, but also for the environment.

    Deforestation has never been a bigger threat to humans and wildlife alike. A healthy environment means healthy people & communities. The Wilderness Society is a community led environmental advocacy group who are focused on getting the voices of the community heard by government and corporations, to protect and restore Australia's natural places.

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions: The Wildness Christmas Special is on sale until 31st December of 2020. Food United will donate $1 to Wildness Society from every box of product sold directly through our official website Food United has the sole right of explaining the campaign and we will disclose the result of the donation through our social media and website in Jan 2021. Wildness Society is an Australian non-for-profit organisation that protect, restore and sustain nature in Australia. For more information, please visit: